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Michelangelo Antonioni said 'The moment always comes when having collected ones ideas, certain images, an intuition of a certain kind of development, one must proceed to the actual realisation." Well that moment has now come for both my second feature film ‘White Light’ and I...

www.makingmymovie.com sets out to give a honest and accurate account of what it's like to make a movie... warts and all... 'my online diary' is a personal account of the making of my second feature film 'White Light', angst and all...

During the next two to three years the web site will continue to grow charting the progress of the film from script to screen, from the filming, editing and final sound mix through to the festival circuit and its ultimate sale and distribution... So make sure you check back regularly to watch the web site grow...


Watch a 'rough cut' of scene #1-12 & 45-50.


The first half of my epic second feature film 'White Light' has now been filmed; the rough edit is nearly completed and I'm in the process of casting and crewing for the final half of the movie.

The 4 days of pickups have been shot and we are on schedule to film, the final half of the feature film over 6 weeks, starting in May 2003. You can follow the whole journey from 'script to screen' in 'my online diary'.

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Final Cut Pro 3 on Mac OS X

Editing the first half with Apple's new Unix based Operating System. My software and hardware setup, scene grabs and more...

photo stories update

Cara Teton born on 3 January 2003

Personal page updated with scan of daughter due on 26/01/03

updated 'press reviews' page
photo + pdf

Pickup shots Part 2

onsetTV™ Frances dead scene in dumper truck

Pickup shots Part 1

FBM Babcock in Liverpool, a studio to rival the 007 Stage at Pinewood

Filming the opening scenes in Liverpool

The full story of filming in Mississippi

Photos of the 1st Roadblock shot at Woolwich Arsenal

My take on the Canon J11ax 4.5B IFXS Broadcast Lense

Ikegami HL-DV7W chosen to co-star in 'White Light'

64 photos from my 1st feature film 'Dark Summer', taken directly from the 35mm Anamorphic print

Online 'Dark Summer' Trailer (QuickTime 11Mb/2min 30sec/460x209 pixels)

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I would also like to thank the following companies who have make the filming of White Light possible:

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